Dogs of War

The Dogs of War have come out to play. The pack hunts together and stocks their enemies through fierce tactics adopted by their namesake. Though they may seem cute, I assure you, their bite is more viscous than their bark. 


The dogs of war series stems from the two contrasting ideas of toys, a child's play-thing and military ideology/iconography, and the common ground that both legacies share. Toys are meant to be a fun expressive way to learn motor skills, tactile sensations, use creativity, express emotions through an imaginative safe space, and redirect one's attention from natural surroundings or troubles. Meanwhile, the military provides power through strength and defense, a history of violence via duty for one's country, a sense of honor and comradery from militant to militant, and fear from opposing forces and civilians alike. These are very opposite concepts, but are not mutually exclusive from one another, as both utilize each other for merchandise, propaganda, education, and recreation.