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For the last 12,000 years, our epoch was named the Holocene. The term refers to the stable climate since the last ice age during which all human civilization developed. But the striking acceleration since the mid -20th century of carbon dioxide emissions and sea-level rise, the global mass extinction of species, and the transformation of land by deforestation and development mark the end of the Holocene. The Earth has changed so profoundly that a new term needed to be used, the Anthropocene. The actions that were set in motion by the Industrial human and capitalism are what drove us to this new term and now, no one can play the innocent bystander myself included. We have lived most of our lives in the Anthropocene and are just realizing the scale and permanence of the change.

We live in a world where most objects are mass-produced, and once they have fulfilled their purpose, we toss them aside and label it as trash. The body of work that I have created focuses on some of the issues in the Anthropocene. Specifically, with the production of popular waste culture objects, the improper disposal of the produced materials, and the effect that these problems continue to have on our planet.

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